jeudi 25 avril 2013


This time is RETRO STEFSON's time...
They made all the way from Reykjavík until Brighton...
A concert you definitely must not miss.

I discovered them last winter during Airwaves -among loads of other Icelandic bands- every time I saw them there was no other choice than moving and shaking my body, feet are uncontrollable, at some point you realize that you're jumping everywhere...

Well done guys!

See you again, in London, 8th May, don't miss them!

Until then, grab their beautiful white vinyl and dance crazy in your living room!

                                                                                       ''Les frères Stefson''

lundi 1 avril 2013


Not too much to say, London, Brixton Academy, 3 nights in a row, all sold out very quickly, Sigur Rós is back... There's something different though: they're not 4 anymore, but does it really matter? The magic experience was still there...
Seeing Jónsi is always a memorable experience: in an antique theatre in France, in Laugardalshöll in Reykjavík or randomly in Harpa or Kaffitár... Looking forward for the next experience...

dimanche 3 février 2013


It's been exactly a week since I left Magic Reykjavík, and tonite in Brighton there is an interesting concert. ''Daughter'' is playing in St Mary's Church. The concert has been sold out for ever though...
The best thing about that concert -or the worst thing- is that beautiful ''Lay Low'' is opening for them. 

So basically it's been a week since I've been living in Brighton, it's been a week since I left Reykjavík, I miss Reykjavík so much, I miss Icelandic artists, and Icelandic singer Lay Low is coming to Brighton. 
Exciting but disappointing at the same time as no more ticket left...

One thing led to another, at the end of the day I got 2 tickets... It's called Icelandic ''beautiful fairy''...

When you miss Iceland very much, think about Iceland's little fairies, and they'll come to you...

Very intimate concert in this small church even though Lay Low and every one else was complaining about the freezing cold temperature inside... 

Thanks Lay Low. And Daughter. 

                                          Lay Low.


dimanche 30 décembre 2012


Lots of Icelandic bands I like have their names starting with the letter -S-, wondering why.

I saw two of them on Friday night. 

It was not Sigur Rós, Seabear, Sometime, Snorri Helgason, Sykur or not even Sin Fang. Sin Fang will have concerts once I'll be gone from Reykjavík for his new record ''Flowers'' which will be released in February. And I hate the fact that I won't see him again playing in Reykjavík! Seeing him hanging in the city is fine, but I'd rather see him playing! 

Anyway two bands I saw on Friday night were Samaris and Sóley. 

The venue called the ''old house'' was a very mysterious place as lots of locals didn't know where it was. 

After ''Google maping'' the place, after walking under the stormy snowy windy weather, we found THE place, next to the harbor. And what a place... 

Candles were sparkling all over the place, a few coffee tables, a few chairs, an empty old building had been turned into a beautiful magical cosy venue...

And old wooden boxes with candles had been placed behind the stage...

Let's start with Samaris

One of the bands I really enjoyed seeing live during Airwaves. The first time I saw them was during the first night of the festival, because I couldn't get in Iðnó to see Sin Fang and FM Belfast... too crowded!

They have a good vibe, it's a kind of electronic / lounge music, beautiful voice of the singer which is very well mixed with the sound of the clarinet. If you have a chance to see them, go!

My story with Sóley is a bit older...

She is a member of the band Seabear. 
In 2010 she's released her debut EP ''Theater Island'' which has been followed by her first LP ''We Sink''.
Both albums are very sweet with some beautiful songs like ''Pretty Face'' or ''The sun is going down''.
First time I saw her was during the Nordic Festival in Istanbul in April 2012, with Sin Fang and Amiina. 
Since then something with the Icelandic scene has started...

 Sóley & Sin Fang, Istanbul, April 2012. 

When you listen to Sóley you feel like dreaming, you feel like a little fairy comes and whispers nice things in your ears, with beautiful and entertaining tunes...
And when you see her, you want to hug her and thank her for her good music, you want to listen to her for hours, but unfortunately every time I see her I feel like her concerts are always very short, too short, you only start dreaming that you already have to wake up... 

And after a good evening like this, the best way to finish the night is going partying in one of the clubs in Reykjavík ; and spotting Sóley partying on the same dancefloor as yours is the best way to finish dreaming...



Here's a live concert of Sóley, have a look and dream for 45 minutes...


vendredi 28 décembre 2012


Some may think their last album is bad. 
Some may think it's good. 
I prefer the Remix one -TKOL RMX 1234567- or their B-side EP Supercollider/The Butcher. Or the new ones played live this year. 
Anyway I am still in love with them. Whatever they do, Thom Yorke remains one of those ''music Gods''...
And their live shows are very memorable. Every single song they play become a piece of art. 
That's Radiohead. 
And I wanted to share some photos taken this summer in Nîmes and this Autumn in Berlin. 



jeudi 27 décembre 2012


- Since you've been in Reykjavík you're going to loads of concerts, aren't you?
- Yep. I'm trying to get sick of Icelandic concerts so that I won't miss them anymore. So there are some days I have a concert marathon from 5pm to 2am. 
- And have you heard of a band called Hjaltalín?
- Hjalta-what? 
- Hjaltaliín. They are very good. I mean veeeerryyyy good. They're playing in Gamla Bío in December. 
- Like in 2 months? I'll see...

Well, the next day I had bought my ticket for the concert, sometimes you have to trust your friends who live here.
The only thing I knew was that some of the members plays in some other bands, but is that really a surprise here...? :)
I'd been told later than their first two albums were completely different from the latest one, ''Enter 4'', but I had decided to go to the concert without listening to their music at all. 

21/12/2012 : I'm just finishing my second beer in the pub called Boston with an icelandic friend who lives in NYC, I guess that's why he wanted to come here, Boston, USA, homesick? :)
I arrive in Gamla Bío where everyone already sits, waiting for the band to start.
I like this venue, an old theatre with very pale pink comfortable seats.

What can I say about this concert?

I wasn't expecting anything from them as I had no clue what kind of music they play.

And the show was just perfect. From the first minute until the very last second. Except of the 15 minutes break which is something very icelandic! We need beer! :)
Sigga has just an incredible -amazing strong deep beautiful powerful- voice which fits completely well with Högni's voice. Together they've been able to give goosebumps to the whole audience.
And the musicians. When it comes to have some extra musicians, Icelanders aren't afraid to bring a whole music ensemble, and I love that!
Everyone has contributed to make this night unforgettable.

And a very special congratulation for the lights engineer. The light show was stunning.
It's definitely one of the best show I've been so far in Reykjavík.
And if you have a chance to catch them somewhere, just go!

mercredi 26 décembre 2012


I've been in Reykjavík for a bit more than 2 months now, and after Iceland Airwaves slap I feel like it's Iceland Airwaves Festival every weekend in the city...
Usually nothing is planned until Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday, and then, all of a sudden, each band posts on their websites that they will be playing on the same evening or the day after in Kaffibarinn, FaktoryKex HostelIðnó, Harpa or even in a bus station... ;-)

Kid playing during the vinyl market @ KEX

Acoustic set from Múm @ KEX

Borko @ Idno

Tilbury @ Hlemmur

Ásgeir Trausti @ Háskólabíó

Tilbury @ Faktory