jeudi 27 décembre 2012


- Since you've been in Reykjavík you're going to loads of concerts, aren't you?
- Yep. I'm trying to get sick of Icelandic concerts so that I won't miss them anymore. So there are some days I have a concert marathon from 5pm to 2am. 
- And have you heard of a band called Hjaltalín?
- Hjalta-what? 
- Hjaltaliín. They are very good. I mean veeeerryyyy good. They're playing in Gamla Bío in December. 
- Like in 2 months? I'll see...

Well, the next day I had bought my ticket for the concert, sometimes you have to trust your friends who live here.
The only thing I knew was that some of the members plays in some other bands, but is that really a surprise here...? :)
I'd been told later than their first two albums were completely different from the latest one, ''Enter 4'', but I had decided to go to the concert without listening to their music at all. 

21/12/2012 : I'm just finishing my second beer in the pub called Boston with an icelandic friend who lives in NYC, I guess that's why he wanted to come here, Boston, USA, homesick? :)
I arrive in Gamla Bío where everyone already sits, waiting for the band to start.
I like this venue, an old theatre with very pale pink comfortable seats.

What can I say about this concert?

I wasn't expecting anything from them as I had no clue what kind of music they play.

And the show was just perfect. From the first minute until the very last second. Except of the 15 minutes break which is something very icelandic! We need beer! :)
Sigga has just an incredible -amazing strong deep beautiful powerful- voice which fits completely well with Högni's voice. Together they've been able to give goosebumps to the whole audience.
And the musicians. When it comes to have some extra musicians, Icelanders aren't afraid to bring a whole music ensemble, and I love that!
Everyone has contributed to make this night unforgettable.

And a very special congratulation for the lights engineer. The light show was stunning.
It's definitely one of the best show I've been so far in Reykjavík.
And if you have a chance to catch them somewhere, just go!

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